Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rex Adams Crazy Paint Sedan Delivery

I have mentioned Rex Adams on this blog before. He was one of the colorful characters that Grandpa John knew ever since I can remember. My earliest memories of him are from the mid 1970's and mainly his sedan delivery and all his red hair. I watched Grandpa John help Rex put a rear end under this delivery when I was a little kid.

I was relaying this to my friend Joe Boos one evening as we were looking at Rex's flamed paint job on my Super Glide. He said he remembered the sedan delivery too. "In fact," he said, "my brother Mike owned it for a while in the 1980s."

My next question was do you have any photos of it? Joe said he thought Mike did and would look around. Sure enough there were these two images. It was quite interesting for me to see a car that I hadn't seen in 35 years. I remembered it being a different shade of blue, but the eagle mural on the passenger side was just as I remembered. We discussed the other side and both thought it had some sort of woman holding a baby or something. Unfortunately the only photo we have is of the one side and back.

Mike Boos had found it behind a lowrider shop in Argentine area of KCK. How it ended up there would probably be another interesting story. Rex certainly lived life to the fullest. He told me he was "clinically dead" three times and the ER people brought him back to life. I don't doubt that he was telling the truth.