Friday, April 13, 2012

Viva Las Vegas Car Show and Mind Blowing Weekender

We decided a few months ago to make the trip to Las Vegas for Nikki and Joe's wedding. For starters, I have known Nikki since I was born (her parents went to school with Grandpa John). Also, I have known Joe since before we could both drive and we are over 40 now. So with our recent sad family times, we decided to talk Grandpa John into tagging along and bringing my sister, Mindy. Abby was not a hard sell as she loves Las Vegas. The kids stayed at the Povenmire Compound with Grandma Susan and we headed to KCI. The wedding trip was combined with the Viva Las Vegas event and car show.

Needless to say it was a great time. We attended the "Elvis wedding", a kick ass car show, Circque Du Soleil show Viva Elvis (worth the trip itself), lots of drinking, some great Rockabilly music and general mayhem. The event drew people from all over Europe and America. The ages were very diverse also. There were Grandpa John aged guys that saw all this the first time around to people who were in their early 20s.

This event is definitely worth attending if you have any interest in hot rods, rockabilly music and greaser culture. It is like the Greaserama on steroids. Fun for everyone, including a bunch from Missouri.

"Man, I really like Vegas." Elvis Presley and Jeremy Povenmire