Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bob Chinnery and the Amazing Technicolor Casket

My dad's friend Bob Chinnery recently was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He decided to go out in style and asked my dad to help him find a casket that could be customized.

Dad was able to come up with one (don't ask me where). Bob had it painted by Kenny Frisbee and added the LED lights and images of his various cars, bikes, airplanes and family.

Bob was one of dad's more "colorful" friends. He was an unbelievable machinist and could fabricate just about anything. In fact he made the shift linkage on my Harley for me. The stock piece broke after about 50,000 miles. I doubt the linkage Bob made for me will break anytime soon. It will probably outlast me.

You can see more about him on his website

Here is the casket finished and the special hearse that took Bob on his last ride.