Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gun Appreciation Day at Bass Pro - Independence, Missouri

I decided to take a trip out to Bass Pro yesterday and see who showed up for Gun Appreciation Day. It was an interesting crowd of basically people like me who have a job, take care of their families and are concerned about their country.

Wesley asked me a few nights ago why I keep watching the news so much. I told him, "These are historic times that you and I will discuss a lot in years to come."

The shelves were empty and the gun cases almost bare. Kevin Jamison (a very brilliant man) spoke to the crowd and several groups were on hand with fliers on different legislative issues.

I was curious at the large presence of the Independence Police. Not sure what they were expecting to happen, Bass Pro was probably the safest place to be in town yesterday. They may have expected some anti-gun protestors, but I didn't see any.

There is at least one attractive person in his photo of me and Cos. 

Kevin Jamison speaking to the group.
The shelves were bare at Bass Pro.