Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thank You from the Povenmires

Mom's gathering last night was quite an event. We really appreciated all the show of support from old friends, new friends and family. She would have been happy to see the outpour of support we received.

Also many thanks to everyone who came and helped with the food and tables. That was much appreciated.

I called Dad this morning and he was very shocked to see all those people and feels lucky to have that many special people in his life.

I will now go back to work at the American Royal and Mindy will go back to selling chemicals. Dad is on his way to the Wichita swap meet to hock his wares this weekend. We will all try to resume some sort of normal life while still greiving for our loss.

Everyone was relieved that Grandpa John's stupid red Shovelhead came to life at the end of the evening. He rode a wheelie into the darkness with his unbaffled exhaust annoying everyone in Sugar Creek. He has been doing it for over 50 years...his tattoos have faded and his blond hair is now grey, but somethings will never change. Ha!