Friday, December 24, 2010

The Povenmire Compound Has Been Robbed!

Last week we got a call from the alarm company that our house alarm was going off. Since Audrey, Wesley, Abby and I were all sitting at the table at Joe's Crab Shack I told the dispatcher to send the cops. Then I rushed down I-70 to the Compound to see if we had just left a door open or there was some other explanation.

After 58 years of my family being in our house on 15th street the probability of being robbed was small. But not small enough...

The foot print showing how easy it was to kick in the back door.

I called Grandpa John and he was closer to the house so he headed that way too. He saw the back door kicked in and went in to the basement (I would not advise this as a victim of this crime. Let the cops clear the house. It is what you pay your taxes for).

Grandpa John yelled all his crazy old man talk "I am going to kill anyone in this house!" Then he went out and met the cops in the driveway. They went in and were clearing the house when I arrived. Unfortunately our robber was already gone.

The perpetrator was inside for less than a minute it appeared. He/she only grabbed Abby's laptop from the back of our house. By then the alarm system siren was screaming and the person split.

So they only got the $10 laptop I had purchased through my work when they had old machines to sell. Heck, the thing wouldn't even boot up without the power cord (which they left in a hurry). Good luck getting anything for a 2002 model Dell with several keys missing.

At this point it was the principle of the thing. Some lowlife was in the Compound without my permission. It made us mad, but frankly I am glad I wasn't home. If my family was threatened there would have probably been some unpleasantness followed by lead shot flying around. Even if I was in the right (thank you Castle Doctrine) our lives would never be the same.

I have had a lot of negative experiences with the Independence Police over the years, even as a middle-aged taxpayer. But the bunch that came to our house was very efficient, answered all my questions and were empathetic to my feelings. I have decided to give the officer in charge an online commendation (you can do that through their website). I was impressed with all of them.