Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My 1995 Super Glide - Jack Larson Larson Machine, Rex Adams Crazy Paint

I realized lately that I haven't ever put much info up about my bike. It is always passed by at most major events because it is stock framed and nothing special to anyone but me. Several people have touched this bike over the years that are significant in the motorcycle world.

It started life as a black 1995 Super Glide. Dad bought it from Ray Worth back when Ray was selling bikes to his old friends at cost. I bought a green 1996 Super Glide at Zylstra Harley-Davidson for $15,000. Dad bought this bike from Ray for less than $10,000. It pays to have friends in high places!

In 1998 I sold my green bike and bought this one from Dad when he bought a new Wide Glide. It has been worked over a lot through the years. It is now a 88 inch hot rod with just about all the modifications (except stroking) that can be done and still run well as a daily driver. It dynos at 90 horsepower. The late Rex Adams "Crazy Paint" painted the flames. He went to high school with Dad. Jack Larson built the latest version of the motor. He really did a good job. It runs great.

Rex died on December 7, 2002. Dad went to his funeral. It was a small service, but done well. I will always remember his muraled panel truck and all of his red hair from when I was a kid.

If you are looking for Jack Larson for some motor work he runs an advertisement in Wide Open and has a website here.

Yes it is fast...no you can't ride it!

87,000 miles can wear the finish off your start button and on/off switch!